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Sheet metal is unique in both durability and aesthetics. Its functional, long-lasting surface has an aesthetic and customizable design, and working with the right experts means creating the commercial sheet metal wall of your dreams.

That’s likely why the sheet metal market is projected to grow by 4% every year over the next decade. It’s an effective way to spruce up any space with functional material. Read on to learn how sheet metal wall panels can transform your space.

The Basics of Sheet Metal Wall Designs

Metal wall panels can be used for a wide range of commercial applications. These panels are made by joining multiple custom metal sheets together with precise industrial methods. The end result is a wall made from sheet metal that can enclose and insulate spaces with aesthetically pleasing designs.

To create a metal wall, manufacturers will first laser-cut sheet metal to your predetermined specifications. They will then assemble it by punching, folding, and maneuvering it with expert tools. Fabrication professionals can bend it to nearly any shape with tools that cut and burn it.

Then, multiple sheets will join together to create a decorative wall. Ultimately, experts will bring it to your commercial space for speedy and effective installation.

Understanding Goals and Specifications

Some people use sheet metal wall panels to insulate spaces or create simple enclosures. These individuals and business owners may be okay with a piece of simple aluminum or steel affixed to their interior wall. However, many people use sheet metal as decoration.

If you’re creating a decorative metal sheet wall, you need to first consider your expectations for the final product. Determine the size and the way that each component of the sheet metal must lay. If you need bent walls, engravings, multiple fused metals, or enclosures for rack-mounted electronics, you’ll need specially designed shapes and custom fabrication.

In addition to size, think about the features that you need on your metal panel sheets. Some people want their sheet pane wall designs to have holes and slots for holding shelving units or artwork. Others want fully-fledged shelves pre-incorporated into their wall design.

You also may need functional holes for light switches and power outlets. Some venues also need an opening to access HVAC systems, plumbing pipes, and electrical components. A custom metal fabrication professional will ensure that your wall design has all of these features and more.

Also consider whether your design needs a removable panel, door, or window. You need access to all areas of your retail venue, office, warehouse, or manufacturing facility. This is especially important for sheet metal enclosures that serve as the primary architectural basis for a building.

Selecting Metal Wall Panel Materials

“Sheet metal” is a broad category that features multiple materials. Alpine Sheet Metal Systems works with clients who use metal types including:

  • Stainless steel that resists corrosion, rust, and water damage
  • Galvanized steel that holds paint well for aesthetically pleasing designs
  • Aluminum Composite Materials (ACM), which are affordable and easy to fabricate into multiple shapes and aesthetically pleasing designs
  • Insulated steel panel systems that use two steel skin pieces with an insulation foam core in between the two panels
  • Galvalume, which is a steel alloy that stops oxidation and weather damage
  • Copper, which is extremely durable and aesthetically pleasing because of its unique hue

Because we’re building envelope experts who know how to create architectural designs, selecting the appropriate material is easy when you talk with us. You can tell us about your objectives and needs. We’ll guide you on whether you need stainless steel with foam core insulation, sleek and modern-looking ACM, or custom metal awnings made from brass or copper.

Creating a Transformative Interior Design

Businesses that use sheet metal walls inside their buildings generally want a custom, sleek appearance. It’s not all about functionality – it’s about transforming the space, too.

Many people use metal wall panels to replace other materials. Natural materials like wood and granite have an extremely pleasing appearance in retail venues and restaurants. However, they’re not very durable and will fade and warp over time.

Luckily, metal can be fabricated to look just like these materials. It will last longer and retain its appearance. When you don’t need to worry about fading, denting, and chipping, you can ensure that your commercial space retains a professional interior.

Corrugated panels are a great way to create a rustic appearance.

These sheet metal options are heavily textured with raised lines and space between them. Other options with raised bumps are also available. The texture makes them unique and aesthetically pleasing, especially since you can choose any color to paint them with.

You can also stamp or engrave patterns into the metal. Laser-engraved checkerboard or diamond patterns are ideal for spaces that use a lot of geometric shapes. You can also use multiple metal types for a balanced look on any accent wall.

What About Exterior Panels?

Exterior panels can also transform your commercial building with a combination of function and beauty.

Experts can tailor-make panels to fit on your specific building. Alpine’s team understands the ins and outs of architectural design with sheet metal structures. We can create exterior wall panels, chimney caps, awnings, and metal roof components accurately and efficiently.

It’s easy to incorporate seals and weather stripping to make the building better insulated and waterproof. External mounting features may also be necessary, and a pro can help you figure out when you need them.

Aesthetics are also easy when you choose sheet metal exterior panels. You can ask experts to stamp stainless or galvanized steel to look like other common building materials. Whether you want to imitate natural brick or textured stone, there are several options available.

Work With a Custom Metal Wall Panel Manufacturer

Now that you know how to transform your space with quality sheet metal wall panel designs, it’s time to get started. Our team is committed to helping you execute any commercial project.

We work with a wide range of metals and are committed to serving almost every industry. Contact Alpine Sheet Metal Systems to get a metal fabrication quote and learn more about our 25+ years of experience.

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