Custom Chimney Caps

Cheminey Caps by Alpine Sheet Metal

Custom Chimney Caps Fabricated in Dallas / Fort Worth

A custom-fabricated metal chimney cap will provide watertight waterproofing, fire resistance and pest preventative. Alpine Sheet Metal Systems custom chimney caps are designed and measured precisely to your individual chimney and roofing system, resulting in a weatherproof seal protecting your chimney and surrounding exterior and interior structures.

Chimney caps are specific in design to an individual structure. They protect the chimney from weather, debris, and pests. Alpine Sheet Metal technicians can custom-fabricate a multitude of decorative chimney caps from any type of metal to complement any architectural design.

Metal Chimney Cap Material Options

  • Copper Chimney Caps
  • Aluminum Chimney Caps
  • Stainless steel Chimney Caps
  • Galvanized steel Chimney Caps
  • Galvalume steel Chimney Caps
Chimney Caps by Alpine Sheet Metal Systems
Custom Chimney Caps by Alpine Sheet Metal Systems
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