Architectural Metal Soffit and Fascia Systems

Architectural Metal Soffit and Fascia System Fabrication in Dallas and Fort Worth

architectual soffit

Metal Soffit System

A soffit is the exposed underside of your roofing systems overhang. It is often referred to as eaves or roof rafters. Soffits can be custom fabricated in a variety of metals, colors, and architectural styles as they are exposed and are easily seen from a distance. A soffit that corresponds to the structure’s architecture provides a finished appearance to the roofing system.

In addition to soffit systems enhancing the beauty and architecture of your building or home, they are crucial ventilation systems to the structure. Proper air ventilation improves the air quality, reduces heat buildup, and reduces moisture retention to the interior of your business or home.

Alpine Sheet Metal Systems Offers Vented and Non-Vented Soffit Systems

Soffit systems can be fabricated in vented or non-vented styles. Vented soffits have louvered vents or holes while non-vented soffits do not. A combination of both vented and non-vented soffit can be installed depending on how much ventilation your structure needs.

architectual soffit

Metal Fascia System

The fascia is a vertical board under the roof edge which is a visible component of the roofing system. Rain gutters are typically attached to the fascia. Some older homes often do not have a fascia at all.

Common materials used for a fascia system are wood, metal, and vinyl. Metal fascia are extremely durable, require little to no maintenance, and will often last the lifetime of a professionally-maintained roofing system. There are also more eco-friendly options available, with fascia made from entirely recycled materials.

Alpine Sheet Metal Systems has been fabricating and installing metal soffit and fascia systems for over 25 years. We proudly serve the Dallas / Fort Worth Texas Metroplex and are licensed contractors in Louisiana and Oklahoma as well. For a complimentary consultation call (972) 556-3825 today!

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