Metal Roll Former

Roll Formed Metal

Metal Roll Forming in Dallas, TX

Roll forming is a metal forming process in which sheet metal stock is fed through a series of industrial roll stations. Each station has a roller or roller die positioned on both sides of the sheet. Each roller station can be customized in shape and dimension specific to the project. As the sheet is forced through the roller dies, each roll station performs a stage in the process of forming and bending the metal-specific to its custom measurements. The roll forming line may also include punching or shearing before or after the roll forming.

Metal roll forming gives us the capability to produce any type of architectural metal panel in a variety of lengths. Roll-formed panels are used in every type of architectural metal roofing and panel installation.

Alpine Sheet Metal Systems roll form fabricates metal panels in our own sheet metal shop as well as on-site metal roll forming for extra-long panel lengths.

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