The Unseen Strength of Scratch-Resistant Metal Surfaces

scratch-resistant metal

Strategic improvements and renovations are a top way to boost commercial property value. Both cosmetic and structural renovations can keep your space in top shape, and scratch-resistant metals offer a wide range of both aesthetic and foundational benefits.

Here, we’re going to talk about these metal surfaces and what makes them scratchproof. Read on to learn the many benefits of using scratch-resistant sheet metal in both commercial interior design and exterior property renovations.

The Basics of Scratch-Resistant Metal Surfaces

Custom sheet metal fabrication is the first step toward creating a scratch-resistant metal surface. Alpine can fabricate any type of metal including aluminum, tin, and copper. However, most commercial building owners in search of durable design materials will choose galvanized steel sheet metal for its scratch-resistant and weatherproof properties.

Experts form the metal by applying pressure that modifies its shape. It will stretch and bend on a machine called a press brake. Lower-volume sheet metal projects sometimes will use other tools like die forming, though most commercial and industrial spaces require higher-volume production.

Laser cutting, shearing, and other metal forming processes will ensure smooth edges and high-quality cuts. Straight, clean lines and precise shaping are possible with these specific processes.

Once you have the sheet metal required for your project, professionals will achieve scratch resistance with specialized coatings. This is also sometimes called abrasion resistance. The surface is hard, which means that it can’t scratch or dent easily.

What Is Anti-Scratch Coating?

After working with metal materials, experts apply a protective coating to each sheet. These coatings have microscopic materials that stop surface-level cuts and blemishes from forming under abrasion. These coatings are usually painted on either manually or with industrial fabrication machinery.

These materials come in many forms including fillers, binders, and other additives. Acrylic, zinc, polyurethane, aluminum oxide, powder coating, and ceramic are common coating materials. However, since no two commercial projects are exactly alike, Alpine will work with you to determine whether or not you need a specialized or custom coating.

In some cases, scratch-resistant metal gets its properties from a film. Experts simply lay this film precisely on top of a piece of sheet metal. It then protects it in the same way a coating would.

Embossing Opportunities

Metal sometimes gets additional scratch resistance from embossed patterns. Usually, this means that each metal sheet gets small grooves or raised bumps on its surface to stop sharp edges from hitting it wrong. It’s heat-treated and hard to mar.

Embossing metal creates deep textured patterns for low-friction surfaces. It’s especially useful in industrial facilities that use the metal for conveyor belts, storage systems, or holding machinery in place. This is because the patterns get rid of surface tension so that items can move along it without causing abrasion against an otherwise under-protected metal.

When you invest in custom scratch-resistant metal, you can choose just about any texture that you want for the surface. They’re added during the fabrication process before being coated with other scratch-resistant coatings. This makes them stronger.

The bottom line is that you have many choices when it comes to scratchproofing metal surfaces. Versatility is always beneficial for those looking to boost their property value and make operations more efficient.

A Quality Aesthetic

Scratch-resistant metal can help to make your commercial space aesthetically pleasing. If you get a metal surface that doesn’t have scratchproof features, it’s going to get dinged up pretty quickly. Even small, surface-level gashes can make a metal surface look sloppy and ugly, which can damage the entire vibe of your property.

A good-looking space is especially important in commercial buildings that get visits from clients and potential partners. If you seem messy and don’t have your space in good shape, people will view you as unprofessional and walk away from your business. On the flip side, a nice space tells people that you care about keeping up with daily operations.

Scratch-resistant metal also is reflective and shiny in a way that materials like wood and stone aren’t. It dissipates light sources and provides a bright glow throughout the entirety of your space. Metal design provides a modern aesthetic that your employees and customers are sure to love.

Durable Solutions

Sheet metal is also extremely durable, especially galvanized steel with scratchproof coatings. It doesn’t rust or corrode, even when it’s consistently exposed to water or other liquids. Oil and chemicals won’t damage it, making it a top choice in industrial facilities as well as retail or office buildings.

Metal is also more durable when it doesn’t sustain scratch damage. Scratches make the metal weaker in the location of the gash, which makes it more susceptible to cracking, snapping, and folding. This is especially problematic if you’re making conveyor belts that need to hold weight or structural/foundational building features.

You’ll save on maintenance costs by proactively combatting against scratches and dents.

Longer Metal Life Cycle

Scratch-resistant metal is one of the longest-lasting materials out there. Metals like aluminum and steel can last up to 50 years or more. Copper and zinc can last 70 years on average.

No matter what option you choose, you’ll never need a replacement.

Scratchproof coating means that metal surfaces can last for this length of time. It’s less likely to decay or bend. This means that you can keep it for many decades before paying to replace it.

Even if your sheet metal surfaces have a higher upfront cost than some other less durable materials may, you’ll pay less money in the long term. However, without scratch-resistant coating, you may need to replace it before it reaches its maximum lifespan.

Boost Your Commercial Property With Metal Surfaces

Now that you know the benefits of scratch-resistant metal materials, it’s time to begin the custom sheet metal fabrication process. Our experts are committed to combining traditional craftsmanship with top-notch new technology to create both interior and exterior property components.

No project is one-size-fits-all, so it’s important to discuss your specific needs with the pros. Request a quote from Alpine Sheet Metal Systems to learn how to add value to your commercial space in Texas, Louisiana, or Oklahoma.

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