ACM Panels
(Aluminum Composite Material)

ACM Wall Panels by Alpine Sheet Metal Systems

ACM Wall Panels, also known as Aluminum Composite Material panels, are constructed from two prepainted aluminum sheets bonded to a polyethylene core, creating a unique sandwich structure that offers various advantages for both interior and exterior construction applications. For comprehensive information on the benefits of ACM wall panels. Feel free to contact the experts at Alpine Sheet Metal Systems by dialing 972-556-3825.

Dark Bronze ACM Wall Panel
Able Pump Station Aluminum Composite Material Panels in Dallas

ACM Metal Panel Repair

For ACM panel repairs, the Alpine Sheet Metal Systems team is equipped to handle various issues, including minor scratches and dents, deep scratches penetrating the galvanized coating, surface denting, and paint and finish problems in your aluminum composite material. For any ACM panel repair solutions, clients can get in touch with the experts at 972-556-3825.

When it comes to full building construction using ACM wall panels, Alpine Sheet Metal Systems stands ready to deliver exceptional results. Their approach involves a detailed needs assessment to fully understand the project requirements, followed by comprehensive discussions with clients about available options for informed decision-making. Throughout the construction process, regular updates keep clients informed, and the team ensures the delivery of top-notch materials for the project.

For durable interior and exterior wall panel systems, ACM panels offer an excellent solution. Clients can connect with Alpine Sheet Metal Systems experts to explore the various possibilities and benefits that ACM wall panels can bring to their construction projects.

Benefits of ACM Metal Panels

The Benefits of ACM Panels include their versatile appearance, available in a wide range of styles and colors suitable for both interior and exterior use. While ACM panels may not be the most budget-friendly option, aluminum composite material offers cost-effectiveness through efficient installation, reducing overall time and expenses. Moreover, ACM panels are highly durable, providing protection against fire, rust, pests, and impacts, making them a top choice for panel materials. Additionally, these panels offer natural noise reduction properties, making them ideal for various commercial and residential projects.

Alpine Sheet Metal Systems specializes in ACM Wall Panels and provides exceptional and one of a kind services for the reconstruction and restoration of existing ACM Wall Panels. Our services include a comprehensive, meticulous inspection to identify necessary repairs and adjustments providing close collaboration with clients to explore available options and ensure specific needs are met.

The Benefits of ACM Panels include:

  • Versatile appearance - available in a wide range of metals, shapes, styles, textures and colors.
  • Suitable for both interior and exterior use.
  • Cost effective through - Efficient installation (which reduces overall time and expenses), extremely long lifespan, low maintenance and high energy efficiency.
  • ACM Panels are extremely durable, provide protection against fire, rust, pests, and impacts, making them a top choice for panel materials.
  • ACM Panels offer engineered noise reduction properties, resulting in an ideal choice for various commercial and residential projects.
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