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Elevate Roof Systems
(Formerly Firestone BP)

Elevate Roofing Materials have been offering Innovative, Sustainable Solutions backed by the Time-Tested Quality of Firestone BP for Decades. Elevate stands by their High Standards and Global Expertise in Serving their Trusted Clients. Elevate offers Quality Roofing Solutions for your Commercial Construction or Residential Construction needs and budget.

Elevate Una-Clad Metal Roofing Systems

Elevate Una-Clad Metal Panels seamlessly integrate with all Elevate / Firestone Roofing Systems. Combining the durability and eco-friendliness of metal roofing, these panels come with a wide array of accessories and boast the renowned quality associated with the Elevate / Firestone brand. For added peace of mind, certain systems are protected by Elevate's Red Shield Warranty and/or the 30-Year Platinum Warranty, offering maximum protection for your business, facility, or home.


  • Available in more than 30 Colors and Finishes
  • Can be used with all Elevate Metal Roofing Systems
  • UL Compliant
  • Warrantied Una-Clad Panels available in 
    • Copper
    • Zinc
    • Acrylume
    • 31 PVDF-Painted Aluminum & Steel Colors

Alpine Sheet Metal Systems is a Certified Applicator and Maintenance Provider of Elevate / Firestone Roofing Systems. Contact one of our Una-Clad Experts to learn more about your Metal Roofing Options.

UNA-CLAD UC-3 Roofing Panel

The Elevate / Firestone UNA-Clad UC 3 Standing Seam Metal Roof Panels feature a double lock system, offering a classic architectural metal system appearance combined with the robustness of mechanical seams.

  • Mechanically formed seams to Compliment any Design need.
  • Meets High Wind Performance Standards.
  • Panels may be Manipulated to Accommodate Intricate Architectural Details.
  • Many meet 30 Year Platinum Warranty Standards.
  • .

UNA-CLAD™ UC-4 Roofing Panel

The Elevate UC-4 panel is an innovative architectural standing seam metal panel that features a self-locking structure, eliminating the need for clips during installation.

  • Premium Seam Design Snap
    • Snap Lock method ensures secure attachment to a solid base layer without the need for clips, resulting in an exceptionally leak-resistant structure.
    • Quick and easy installation, reducing labor costs and meeting project deadlines efficiently.
    • Unique design allows for safe and secure thermal movement.
    • 25-year Red Shield™ Warranty available for added peace of mind.
    • Elevate's 25-year Millennium Warranty & 30-year Platinum Warranty may be available for these systems as well.

UNA-CLAD UC-6 Double-Lock Standing Seam Roofing Panel

The Elevate UC-6 panel utilizes a Pittsburgh Locking Seam Roofing System featuring a concealed clip and assembly, enabling seamless contraction and expansion to accommodate natural elements.

  • Exceptionally Leak Proof
  • High Uplift ratings
  • 30 Year Platinum Warranty may be applicable for this Locking Metal System.

UNA-CLAD UC-14 Roofing Panel

The Elevate UNA-CLAD UC-14 Roofing Panels are premium factory-manufactured architectural standing seam metal roof panels, featuring a 1 3/4" tall continual interlocking snap seam system for enhanced durability and seamless installation.

  • Snap feature enables easier installation.
  • Accommodates extra-long panels for versatile applications.
  • Allows for thermal expansion, ensuring structural integrity.
  • Concealed clip fasteners provide added protection and a sleek appearance.
  • Eligible for Elevate's 30-year Platinum Warranty, offering comprehensive coverage.
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