Architectural Metal Wall Panel Fabrication and Installation in Dallas/Fort Worth

Architectural Metal Wall Panel Fabrication And Installation

Metal Wall Fabricators in Dallas, TX

Architectural metal wall panels are often seen in the form of ACM (aluminum composite material) panels, standing seam, snaplock, and interlocking panels.  Architectural metal wall systems are attached to the actual structure.  Metal wall panel systems provide superior exterior and interior design aesthetics, noise barriers, and have energy-efficient insulation qualities.

  • ACM Panels – ACM panels are aluminum panels.  These panels can be found almost anywhere, from commercial skyscrapers, transit terminals, apartment buildings, and residential structures.  ACM panels can be installed on a building’s exterior or interior, depending upon your design needs.  ACM panels instantly upgrade the appearance of any new project or existing structure.  They are energy efficient, impact, fire, rust & pest resistant and provide noise reduction as well.  Metal ACM panels are readily available, easily installed, and more cost-effective than some other metal wall options.  
  • Standing Seam – Classic in their appearance and one of the most recognizable systems, standing seam metal wall panels can be custom-fabricated in a variety of lengths & widths and are often seen on dramatic curved structures.  Their folded seams are interlocking, creating a watertight metal wall system.  Standing seam metal wall panels are energy efficient and impact, fire, & pest resistant. Standing seam metal wall panels can be fabricated using a wide variety of metals, coatings, and colors which makes them a popular choice for architects and contractors.  
  • Snaplock – Similar in appearance to standing seam metal wall panel systems.  Snaplock panels are designed to “snap” together, resulting in a more easily installed metal panel system.
  • Interlocking – Interlocking architectural metal panel systems are smoother in appearance with concealed fasteners and 3D seams or express joints. Interlocking metal panels can vary in size and can be fabricated to run horizontally, vertically, and diagonally.  Interlocking metal panels add architectural drama and dimension to any structure’s interior or exterior.

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