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Alpine Sheet Metal Systems Is The Leading Sheet Metal Contractor and Sheet Metal Fabricators in Dallas, TX.

Our team of highly skilled and experienced sheet metal fabricators in Dallas have been providing a comprehensive portfolio of sheet metal fabrication services in Dallas, TX since 1999. High quality products, precision, attention to detail and award winning customer service are provided for every project. Our team of sheet metal specialists ensure every project is executed and completed according to the clients vision, timeline and budget.

Our sheet metal fabricators in Dallas can custom fabricate any exterior metal envelope component, architectural metal element, and custom decorative metal. We specialize in metal roofing, metal panels, ACM panelsmetal wall panelsmetal shinglescustom metal awningsarchitectural metal dormersmetal facadesmetal claddingmetal chimney capsmetal drainage systems, and much more!


Metal Roofing

Metal roofing systems are a preferred choice among architects, designers, and building owners due to their durability, longevity, energy efficiency, environmental sustainability, and aesthetics. Not only will a metal roofing system increase the value of your structure; some insurance companies offer annual premium savings to business owners and homeowners with metal roofing systems.

Alpine Sheet Metal Systems specializes in the custom fabrication and installation of any type of metal roofing system. Our sheet metal fabricators can create any architectural style metal roofing system in our own Dallas sheet metal shop.

How Much Should I Budget For A Metal Roof?

The price of a metal roof can vary widely depending on many factors.

  • The size of the roof
  • The type of metal used
  • The roof design
  • How complex is the project
  • Project location and supply
  • How labor intensive is the project


Galvalume steel, galvanized steel and aluminum are more affordable than copper or zinc. Some smaller metal roof systems may be a few thousand dollars and larger projects may be upwards to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Metal Panels

Architectural metal panels are available in a variety of styles, metals and components. ACM (Aluminum Composite Material) metal panels, standing seam metal panels, snaplock metal panels and interlocking metal panels are some of the most sought after metal panel systems. Architectural metal wall panel systems are attached to the actual structure through a variety of methods dependent upon the system. Metal panel systems provide superior exterior and interior design aesthetics, noise barriers and have excellent energy efficient insulation qualities.

How Much Do Architectural Metal Panels Cost?

The price of architectural metal panels can vary widely depending on many factors.

              • The size of the structure
              • The type of metal used
              • Gauge of metal installed
              • The architectural design
              • How complex is the project
              • Project location and supply
              • How labor intensive is the project

Traditional standing seam panels will be more cost effective than ACM panels or insulated metal panels. Steel and aluminum are also more affordable than copper and zinc. Architectural metal panels are available in a variety of ribbed, corrugated, bevel and vertical styles as well. All of these options will factor into the cost of architectural metal panels.

ACM Panels

ACM Panels, also known as Aluminum Composite Material panels, are constructed from two pre-finished aluminum sheets bonded to a polyethylene core, creating a unique sandwich structure that offers various advantages for both interior and exterior construction applications.

ACM Panels are versatile in appearance and available in a wide range of styles and colors suitable for both interior and exterior installations.

ACM panels are highly durable, fire, rust, pest and impact resistant. ACM panels also possess natural noise reduction properties, making them ideal for a variety of commercial and residential projects.

What Is The Life Expectancy Of ACM Panels?

The life expectancy of ACM metal panels will vary depending on a variety of factors.

  • The quality of the material applied
  • The environment in which they are installed
  • The experience and expertise of the applicator / installer
  • The structure on which they are applied
  • Are they professionally maintained
  • The warranty offered by the manufacturer


In general, if high quality ACM Panels are installed and maintained by a certified manufacturers applicator they can last for several decades.


Alpine Sheet Metal Systems / Sheet Metal Contractor is a Certified Manufacturer Applicator for:

IMETCO – MBCI Metal Roofing – Elevate Roofing – Berridge Manufacturing Company – McElroy Metal – Pac-Clad Petersen – Sheffield Metals International – TAMKO metalworks – And Many More!


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