How to Prepare for a Roof Replacement

How to Prepare for a Roof Replacement

Preparing for a roof replacement is an exciting time. A new roof is a great investment and the most important part of any property because it protects the building and everything in it. If your roof is too old, and you believe it is time to get a new roof for your home, you need to get prepared for a roof replacement by doing the following.

Prepare Your House First

It is important to remove as many things as possible inside your home, especially things that could fall with vibration. This includes mirrors, photo frames, or any other artworks. You should remove all the decorations that are not permanently secured with screws. Light fixtures should be removed as well, especially chandeliers.

Cover Your Personal Belongings in the Attic

During the roof installation, debris and dust will fall into your attic. Therefore, if you want to keep the things stored in your attic clean, it is better to cover them with sheets and drop cloths until the process is over. You may need to do some light vacuuming after the installation is complete.

Think About a Few Accessible Power Outlets

Your roofers may need several electrical outlets while they are replacing your roof. It is great if there are any exterior outlets on your property, but if you do not have any, a garage outlet is a good alternative. If you have to use the outlets inside your home, you may need extension cords, which often become a dangerous tripping hazard.

Remove Your Satellite Dish And Antennas

If there are any antennas or satellite dishes located on your roof or near it, you should remove them as well. It is recommended you call your satellite and cable provider in advance so they can make the necessary arrangements for you.

Take Care of Your Yard

When roofers are working on your new roof, debris and nails will end up in your backyard. Therefore, it is recommended you remove everything and mow the grass. Make sure to hide all your equipment and put patio furniture inside. If you have potted plants, move them away from the working area. There might also be certain trees and plants that you cannot move. In this case, ask roofers to cover them. In general, whatever is not needed for this roof replacement project should not be left lying around the yard.

Talk to Your Neighbors as Well

Yes, you also should not forget to tell your neighbors about what you are planning to do. It is especially important if your street is quiet. In this case, your neighbors should know that there are going to be trucks, noise, and a lot of activity. They also may have concerns regarding parking near their property, and you want to know about them in advance.

Prepare Your Children and Pets

The roof replacement process can be quite noisy and may frighten your small kids and pets. If you have any other place for them to stay temporarily, that would be the best solution. If they have to stay in your house, there are several things you can do. For example, you can move your pets to the farthest room from whatever the team of roofers are working on. You can also take them for a walk or give them their favorite toys to comfort them.

Make sure to explain to your kids that they cannot play in the yard at the moment because it might be unsafe. Do not let them be outside when the roof is being replaced.

Stay Alert

The roof replacement process is often associated with some dangers and unexpected obstacles. You will have a lot of construction equipment and extension cords on your property, which can be dangerous. Therefore, in order to prevent any injuries and incidents, you should stay extra alert until the project is completed.

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