Signs That You Need a New Roof

Nobody really wants a roof replacement. They are massively expensive (if your insurance doesn’t cover the costs), and they take a lot of work. It’s a disruptive thing to have to deal with. But it’s better to replace a failing roof than to ignore the warning signs. With that in mind, these five tips can… Read more

Things to Know Before Replacing Your Roof

Replacing a roof on a home or building is a large investment and involves a level of strategic and aesthetic decision-making. There are a lot of roofing options to consider on the market today, so it’s helpful for home and business owners to understand a few main points to help them navigate the process. At… Read more

What Is an Ice Dam on Your Roof?

Even though we live in the Dallas–Fort Worth Metroplex and have some of the best warm-weather around, our winter months are chilly. We have to deal with snow and ice just like the majority of the United States during the winter, along with below-freezing temperatures. With our weather patterns, there are many times when it… Read more

How to Choose the Right Roofing Contractor

Whether you are a home or business owner who is about to start a new building project or who needs to replace, repair, or restore an existing roof, choosing the right contractor for the job is critical. A roofing contractor can be a single person for a smaller job or a part of a larger… Read more

What Is Flashing on a Roof?

Roofs are designed to protect the things inside a structure because the elements, especially water, tend to wreak havoc on interior pieces like drywall, paint, and carpet. Personal items like furniture and valuable pieces in a home or building are also easily damaged or destroyed by water, so ensuring a roof does not leak is… Read more

Benefits of Metal Awnings

Whether you are looking for a quick way to update your outdoor living space or renovate the outside of your commercial building, you want to create an inviting space that enhances the look of your windows and entrances. Metal awnings are one of the biggest trends in architecture today. And it’s no surprise. Metal awnings… Read more

Understanding Roofing Warranties

Even though we specialize more in custom metal roofing systems, regardless of the type of roof you have or are looking at installing for your home or business, project warranties are critical. And it’s not just about making sure you have a roof warranty — understanding the warranty is also important. Roof warranties vary drastically… Read more

What Are 10 Advantages of Aluminum Roofing Sheets?

Here at Alpine Sheet Metal Systems, we perform aluminum sheet metal fabrication. There are a lot of roofing materials out there, but we want to focus on the benefits of aluminum roofing sheets for your next home or business project build. Aluminum Roofing Benefits  Aluminum has arguably proved to be the most durable and thus… Read more

Which Metal Is Better for Roofing: Steel or Copper?

Metal roofing is a great choice for many buildings, both residential and commercial. It’s extremely durable and can conform to a wide range of aesthetics. On top of that, you can get metal components customized for better functionality or looks. Among metal roofing materials, two of the most common are steel and copper. Let’s compare… Read more