What Is a Cool Roof?

What Is a Cool Roof

A cool roof is a type of roofing system that reflects sunlight while absorbing less heat. Cool roofs are usually made of highly reflective materials and stay cooler than standard dark roofs. These roofs are becoming more and more popular as many homeowners want to be more energy efficient.

If you are not sure whether this roofing system is good for your house, here is a list of benefits of cool roofs.

What Are the Benefits Of Cool Roofs?

The cool roofing system has the following benefits you should know about:

  • Reduced energy costs. With a cool roof, there is less heat transmitted into the house from the roof. As a result, it is cooler in the house, and you do not have to run your AC all the time. This allows you to reduce energy costs and save money that can be spent on more important things.
  • Better convenience. It is great to have a cooler home throughout hot summer months. You will especially feel it if you live in a two-story home because the upper floor is usually much warmer than the primary level because of the roof. With a cool roof, you can create a really cool and comfortable atmosphere in your house, especially for those who sleep on the upper floor.
  • Prolonged life of your roof. Extreme heat is not good for the roof. It causes degradation of the roofing system, especially if the roof is made with asphalt shingles. Therefore, you should do all you can to keep your roof in good condition. If you choose the cool roof system, you do not have to worry about early degradation and can enjoy your roof for many years.
  • Lower roofing wastes in landfills. As mentioned above, a cool roof is more durable, lasts longer, and does not require regular and expensive maintenance. As a result, there are fewer roofing repairs and replacements, which minimizes the waste in landfills.

What Are the Disadvantages of Cool Roofs?

Even though cool roofs have many advantages, there are also some downsides as well. Here are some limitation of the cool roofing system that you should know about:

  • Installation costs are high. Installing a cool roof is not a cheap process. If you have a limited budget, you may want to consider a different roofing option.
  • Possible mold growth. Cool roofs are great for hot climates. However, if the location is also known for high humidity, there is also the risk of mold growth.
  • Light colors. Unlike traditional roofing options, cool roofs are usually light colored. Even though light colors might look cool in general, they may also reveal dirt quicker.
  • You may need more heat in winter. Cool roofs are definitely great for summer and for hot days because they do not let too much heat get into a house. However, in winter, the situation might be completely opposite. A cool roof might need an increase in winter season heating.

Are There Any Alternatives to Cool Roofs?

If the advantages of cool roofs made you think that you do not need it, there are certain alternatives that you m.y want to consider

  • Ceiling fans. A ceiling fan makes air move, which helps you cool down while avoiding the use of AC.
  • Install heat-reducing film. Almost 30% of heat enters your home through the windows. Therefore, an effective and affordable way to keep your house cool is to install a reflective heat-reducing film. Moreover, it also helps keep warm air inside the house in winter.
  • Limit the usage of your stove. Using a stove may add extra heat to your kitchen and house in general, so try to limit its usage. For example, you can cook only in the morning or plan meals that do not require the use of a stove at all.

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