Commercial vs. Residential Roofs

Commercial vs. Residential Roofs

No matter what type of property you own or manage, keeping it in good condition is very important. One part of any property that needs to be properly maintained, in particular, is the roof. A quality roof can last for decades and will continue to provide protection for the property beneath it. However, it is important to understand that the roof you receive and need can vary considerably based on whether you have a commercial or residential property. It is important to understand the main differences between commercial and residential roofs.

Slope of Roofs

One of the main differences that you will see in commercial roofs versus residential roofs is the slope of the roof. In the vast majority of cases, a residential roof will be sloped from the highest middle peak down towards the edge. This is ideal as it will allow rainwater and debris to slide off the roof and into the gutters and downspouts.

With a commercial roof, it is common for the entire roof to be a large flat surface. This can be a good option as it makes it easier to place rooftop HVAC units, solar panels, or other types of equipment. While there will be some type of drainage system on the roof, a flat roof is more likely to result in ponding of water and could require different types of maintenance.

Construction and Materials of Roofs

Those that are familiar with roofs will also find that the materials tend to be much different. The type of materials that are used in most residential roofs will vary based on the area and climate that you live in. Some of the most common include asphalt shingles, metal roofing solutions, and even stone-coated steel. While they are more expensive, solar tiles are also increasing in popularity as they can help you save money on energy bills.

With commercial roofs, the type of materials can be much different. As a commercial roof needs to be more durable and hold more weight on top of it, the materials tend to be stronger. Some of the most common types of commercial roof materials include built-up roof membranes, metal roofing, and EPDM roof membrane. Each of these will have different expected useful lives and will require different types of maintenance.

Maintenance Needs for Roofs

Another difference between commercial and residential roofs is the maintenance needs. With a residential roof, it is important that you check your roof at least once per year visually. This can include getting on a ladder and looking to see whether shingles are in good condition or are loose. You should also look in attics and carefully examine the top floor of your home to see if there are any signs of leaks or water intrusion. With a residential roof, it can also be helpful to clean out your gutters and ensure all debris is cleared off regularly. If you do notice any signs of wear and tear, calling in a professional for further inspection is always a good idea.

With a commercial roof, it would be a good idea to have your roof inspected by a professional at least once or twice per year. The inspection will check for signs of wear and tear, pooling water, crack, and leaks. Based on this inspection, they can offer a variety of maintenance and repair services that will help ensure the structural integrity remains in place. Routine maintenance and inspections could also be needed to maintain your roof warranty.

When You Need a New Roof

Knowing when you are in need of a full roof replacement is also quite important. With a residential roof, you should expect that it will last for 20–30 years before more serious repairs or a full replacement is necessary. If you are missing a lot of shingles, there are frequent leaks, or the roof looks visibly worn, this may be a sign that the roof needs to be replaced.

With a commercial roof, you can expect that it will last longer. However, if there are many cracks in the roof, water is regularly seeping through, or there is a lot of water pooling on the roof, it could be time to replace it entirely. Calling a professional roofing company will help you determine whether it is time for a new roof for your commercial or residential property.

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