Commercial Metal Roofing Fabrication and Installation in Dallas/Fort Worth

Installing metal roofing on a commercial building

Commercial Metal Roof Fabrication and Installation Experts

Metal roofing systems are popular among commercial building owners and due to their contemporary aesthetics, longevity, rust & fire resistance, and energy efficiency. For high-quality metal roofing installation, repair, or replacement, contact Alpine Sheet Metal Systems today. We have been installing and repairing metal roofs in the Dallas/Fort Worth area for more than 20 years.

Metal Roofing Benefits

The primary benefit of a metal roof is its longevity. Metal roofs can last for 50+ years. Some will withstand a lifetime of abuse if properly maintained. Coated metal roofs reflect solar heat, resulting in a reduction in your energy costs during the long hot north texas summers. Metal roofs require less replacement and aid in preventing structural fires. These benefits of a metal roofing system often result in insurance premium reductions as well. With decorative options such as stone-coated steel shingles & tiles, standing seam systems, metal panels, and architectural accents, a metal roofing system is a beautiful update to any business or home.

Metal Roofing Installation

Alpine Sheet Metal Systems metal technicians are highly experienced craftsmen in metal roof installation. Our metal experts take pride in this time-honored craft paying great attention to every detail. Many of our installations are hand fabricated in our own sheet metal shop. Alpine uses the highest quality products and technology on the market.

Metal Roofing Replacement

If properly installed and maintained, most metal roofs will not require replacement. If unusual circumstances befall your metal roof, Alpine Sheet Metal Systems metal technicians can diagnose and repair or replace your metal roof. We are experienced in any type of metal roofing system available.

Standing Seam Metal Roof

A classic and contemporary design choice for commercial buildings and homes is a standing seam metal roofing system. Constructed of metal roofing panels, the vertical interlocking seam design creates a watertight roof. Standing seam metal roofs are rated among the most watertight.

Stone Coated Steel

The strength of metal and the natural beauty of stone. Stone-coated steel roofing consists of steel shingles coated in acrylic and stone chips. Resulting in the color and natural beauty of stone with the water seal of acrylic and durability of steel. You get a naturally beautiful, incredibly strong, weatherproof roof.

Copper Roofing

Copper has been used as a roofing material for hundreds of years. Copper roofing is considered a luxury roofing material and considered a status symbol by some. The natural patina process of copper is a highly desired effect.

Copper is a strong metal resistant to water damage. In addition to roofing, copper is often used for drainage pipes, collector heads, rain gutters, and architectural accents. Properly maintained copper roofs will last the lifetime of the structure.

Aluminum Roofing

Aluminum is one of the most popular metal roofing choices due to its affordability and durability.

Although aluminum is an affordable choice per square foot compared to more expensive metal roofing, it is considerably stronger than most alternative roofing materials. An aluminum roofing system will not oxidize or rust and is a tried-n-true metal roofing choice.

Metal Roofing Maintenance

Properly installed and maintained metal roofing systems require minimal maintenance in comparison to some other roofing materials. Although metal roofs are watertight, rust-resistant, and fire-resistant, they are not impermeable to natural or otherwise disasters. (fallen trees, large hailstorms, tornados, hurricanes, etc.) contact Alpine Sheet Metal Systems if your metal roofing system has suffered from a disaster or neglect. Our metal experts are ready to help repair and maintain your metal roof.

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