Benefits of Metal Awnings

Benefits of Metal Window Awnings

Whether you are looking for a quick way to update your outdoor living space or renovate the outside of your commercial building, you want to create an inviting space that enhances the look of your windows and entrances. Metal awnings are one of the biggest trends in architecture today. And it’s no surprise. Metal awnings are attractive, modern, open, and — when done right, add a lot of personality to an outdoor area.

You can construct awnings out of almost any metal, but black aluminum awnings and black copper awnings are two popular choices. The style you choose is just as important; custom metal awnings can be fabricated into the shape and size that best enhances your building’s architectural style. There are many benefits to consider when choosing a style and material for your custom metal awning. 

Metal Window Awning Materials

Metals are unique, and their best use depends on the designer’s understanding of the advantages and limitations of each one. Alpine Sheet Metal Systems constructs custom metal awnings using the type of metal that is best for the function and style needed for your project. Copper is a popular awning metal for its ability to take on a beautiful patina or finish, but also because it is reliable and efficient, while stainless steel awnings provide durability at a lower cost, and aluminum awnings are lightweight and naturally resistant to both corrosion and humidity. 

Types of Metal Awnings and Their Benefits 

Historically, the use of awnings dates back to ancient Egypt. Much like today, ancient awnings provided shade and protection from the elements. They also furnish an area of shelter for your guests, visitors, staff, and customers. Metal awnings are a bold focal point that complements the style of your structure. 

Metal Door Awnings

Having custom metal over door awnings creates shelter from the elements while adding an architectural focal point that catches the eye. Alpine Sheet Metal Systems door awnings can be custom-fabricated to fit any size, shape, or style. 

Metal Window Awnings

The benefits of metal window awnings include:

  • UV protection: Metal window awnings help block out harmful ultraviolet rays, plus the added benefit of keeping your space cool while still letting in some sunlight.
  • Rain guard: Keep rain out while allowing fresh air into your home or business. This keeps the window frame, foundation, and the ground below free from rain as well.
  • Curb appeal: Whether for business or residential purposes, metal window awnings are popular today for their bold architecture.

Metal Patio and Porch Awnings

Patio awnings instantly create comfort, shade, and protection. Exterior awnings can reduce the wear and tear on your deck or patio area as well. Metal pergola or trellis styles are popular options for both residential and business properties. 

Metal Awning Styles

Whether you have a modern-style building or a classic abode, custom metal awnings add function and style to your entrances, windows, and patio areas. Our team can create hundreds of design options. Here are a few of the most popular styles of metal awnings. 

The Juliet Awning 

The metal Juliet awning design features a sweeping concave curve and standing metal seams. Juliet-style black metal awnings add instant elegance and dramatic flair to the exterior of any home or office building.

Classic Canopy Metal Awning

This awning features a straight canopy that slopes downward. The canopy metal awning has a straightforward aesthetic that may complement a modern architectural style.

Classic Metal Awning with Decorative Supports

Stark design meets elegance. These metal awnings often feature metal scrolls or decorative support arms. 

Eyebrow Awning

These curved awnings can be elaborate or simple. These are often fully metal or may incorporate tinted glass. 

Replacing a Historic Awning

Sometimes, historic metal roofing and awnings are missing or beyond repair. If that is the case, it’s important to find a partner that understands how to replace your historic metal architecture. Gather documentation like photographs, construction plans, and blueprints. These items can help our metal awning experts assist you with design, material, style, and metal finish suggestions to restore your awning. 

Metal Awnings and More

Whether you’re looking for a quick way to refresh your storefront or need a quote on a new construction project, Alpine Sheet Metal Systems is your metal window awning solution. Our metal awning fabrication services include:

  • Lathing
  • Milling
  • Shearing
  • Punching
  • Drilling
  • Roll Forming
  • Welding, and much more.

Providing custom sheet metal and fabricating services across Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana, for more than two decades, we’ve worked with homeowners, mom-and-pop business owners, and giant corporations. Contact our team to get started and experience what it’s like when a world-class work ethic meets old-world craftsmanship.

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