How Long Does a Metal Roof Last?

How Long Does a Metal Roof Last

Metal is one of the longest-lasting building materials around. Metal roofs are a great building choice if you want a material that is strong, is durable, and when well maintained, will easily last the lifetime of a home or commercial building (if not longer).

There are many types of metal roofing materials, and each has its own pros and cons, but in our profession, we note that, on average, a well-maintained metal roof can last 40 years or more. There are even some metal roofs made of copper though that are labeled historical and have been in good, working condition for centuries. For example, the Historic Christ Church located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, has a copper roof dating back from 1727.

Regardless of whether the metal roof is aluminum, steel, tin, or copper, metal roofs will outlast other roofing materials like asphalt or wood shingles.

Benefits of a Metal Roof 

In addition to their longevity, metal roofs have a host of other beneficial qualities:

  • Strength. Metal is a strong and durable material, so a metal roof will also be strong and durable. A metal roof will hold up against all sorts of elements in the winter, spring, summer, and fall. Metal roofs are also a top material choice in more natural disaster prone areas where high winds, intense rain, and a high percentage of snowfall are common.
  • Resistance. In addition to being resistant to the stresses of natural elements, metal roofs are also resistant to fire, rust, and mold/mildew build-up. Oftentimes metal roofs are initially installed with a coating of solution that makes them even more resistant to certain things. That solution can (and should) be reapplied to ensure there are no exposed areas throughout the lifetime of the metal roof. Copper actually does not rust at all but oxidizes over the years, turning it a beautiful and highly sought-after green color.
  • Easy to clean. Just like stainless steel is seen in a lot of kitchen spaces because it’s easy to clean and maintain, the same is true for metal roofs. Many things simply slide off a metal roof, but items like debris, leaves, or sticks can be easily swept or washed off.
  • Energy efficient. In addition to being a recycled material, metal roofs reflect solar heat away from a building. This reflection means the building is not absorbing as much heat, especially in the intense summer months. Less heat absorbed means that the overall building is cooler, which drastically cuts down the usage and wear and tear of an air-conditioning or HVAC unit.
  • Versatile. While there are many different types of metal materials that can be used to create a metal roof, they can be painted and designed in an array of colors and styles. Homeowners, architects, and designers will love how many options they have with a metal roof, and there is something for every preference and budget.

Maintaining a Metal Roof

At the end of the day, a metal roof is only as good as its materials, its proper installation, and its ongoing maintenance. Our team at Alpine Sheet Metal has been in the metal roofing industry for over two decades, so we have the following maintenance tips and tricks:

  • Keep your metal roof clean. We mentioned above that cleaning a metal roof usually involves just sweeping, blowing, or washing off buildup and debris. You do not want anything sitting around causing extra weight or accumulating and blocking water runoff. This also applies in the winter months, so metal roof owners should keep an eye out for snow and ice building up and use a shovel or professional service to remove heavy accumulation.
  • Remember a clean metal roof also means clean gutters and a clean drainage system. You want water flowing smoothly off a roof through the whole drainage setup. This avoids pooling which can lead to weaknesses and leaks.
  • Regularly apply solutions keeping your metal roof rust free and mold and mildew free.
  • Visually inspect your roof and hire a professional roof inspector every few years to do a more thorough inspection. This will allow for minor issues to be addressed immediately before they become larger problems. Inspection paperwork is a great thing to keep up to date for your real estate portfolio and is very helpful when you want to list the real estate for sale down the line.

Work With an Expert Team!

If you are in the Dallas–Fort Worth Metroplex or the surrounding area in Texas, Alpine Sheet Metal Systems is your metal roofing expert! We are one of the most sought-after metal fabricators in this area, including for metal roof designs. In addition, we offer metal roof and metal component installation and ongoing repair and maintenance services for your metal roof.

Our team of craftsmen specializes in residential and commercial building services alike, so give us a call or request a free quote via our online form to learn more.

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