Copper Roofing Fabrication for Dallas and the Entire Southwest US

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Copper Roofing Fabrication

Copper Roofing Fabrication and Installation

Copper has been used as a roofing material for hundreds of years. Copper roofing is a highly desirable luxury roofing material and considered a status symbol by some. All copper metal evolves through a natural “patina” process due to environmental exposure.  This patina process results in a variety of copper, green, bronze, red, and gold highlights.  Copper is a strong metal, resistant to water damage, and highly sought after by architects, designers, and developers.

Copper is often used for roofing panels, shingles, architectural panels, drainage pipes, collector heads, rain gutters, and architectural accents. Properly-maintained copper roofs will last the lifetime of the structure.

A copper roofing system is a wise investment as it will indefinitely hold its value.

Alpine Sheet Metal System’s technicians have decades of experience in custom fabricating and installing copper roofs, drainage solutions, rain gutters, shingles, panels, flashings, chimney caps, and architectural accents.  We can hand-replicate any historical copper roof, shingles, and exterior envelope.

Copper Exterior Envelope and Architectural Details

Custom-fabricated copper details will complement a variety of existing roofs. Copper details are often implemented into slate or tile roofing systems for drama and variance in textures and tones.

Our copper roof experts can custom-fabricate copper details in any architectural style.

  • Contemporary
  • Classic
  • Victorian
  • Georgian
  • Craftsman
  • Mediterranean
  • Spanish
  • Roman
  • Greek Revival
  • French
  • Mid-Century
  • Gothic
  • And many more

Popular copper details are copper rain gutters, collector heads, chimney caps, awnings, and flashings.

Contact Alpine Sheet Metal Systems for Custom Copper Roofing and Architectural Details

In addition to having decades of metal roofing experience, Alpine Sheet Metal copper technicians bring cutting edge technology, time-honored craftsmanship, and precise attention to detail to every architectural copper detail project.  

Our architectural copper experts will work through a creative process with you throughout every phase of your project.

Contact Alpine Sheet Metal Systems for any of your copper roofing fabrication, installation, and architectural detail needs.