What Are 10 Advantages of Aluminum Roofing Sheets?

What Are 10 Advantages of Aluminum Roofing Sheets

Here at Alpine Sheet Metal Systems, we perform aluminum sheet metal fabrication. There are a lot of roofing materials out there, but we want to focus on the benefits of aluminum roofing sheets for your next home or business project build.

Aluminum Roofing Benefits 

Aluminum has arguably proved to be the most durable and thus longest-lasting roofing material on the market today. If that’s not a key advantage in itself, we have 10 more amazing aluminum roofing sheet features for you to review. 

Energy Efficiency

Aluminum metal is one of the most energy-efficient materials out there. Homes and businesses with aluminum roofs save a lot of money in energy costs because the roof provides insulation and actually reflects heat away from the building. Reflecting away heat means the radiant heat of the roof’s surface is lower, and this affects cooling needs. Research shows that up to 40% of a home or business’s energy cost can be saved by properly installing and maintaining their aluminum roof. It’s actually a common misconception that metal roofs are hotter (that cat on a hot tin roof didn’t help us out here). We think this point is extremely notable in our lovely state of Texas, where temperatures exceed 100 degrees multiple times throughout the year, and most home and business owners keep their air conditioners going pretty much straight through April to November.

Wind Resistance

Compared to other roofing materials, aluminum roofing has better wind resistance and can stand up better to severe weather. It’s considered more durable and is unlikely to crack or rip off in a large storm or hurricane when compared to roof shingles and slats. Again, extremely applicable to our crazy Texas weather.

Fast Installation

Fast installation and low maintenance. Enough said, right?

Infrequent Repairs

While repairs are less frequently needed, most issues just need a patch. Then paint the patch to match the roof.

Paint is Optional

That’s right, you read correctly that you can paint an aluminum roof. As long as you prepare the surface and choose the correct paints and sealants, there are dozens upon dozens of colors for you to choose from. You can also start with one color, and if you feel like freshening up your house, you can paint your roof a different color. You can ultimately switch up the color every few years or so if you’re so inclined.

Prevents Snow Buildup

Although snow is a rare phenomenon in some parts of Texas, aluminum roofs actually prevent snow build-up better than shingle roofs. Snow tends to slide right off instead of gathering on your roof, causing stress and weight to pile up.

Flame Resistant

Aluminum is nonflammable, so buildings with aluminum roofs hold up better against fires. There are so many horror stories out there about a roof catching fire that then leads to a fire throughout the entire house. Aluminum is one of the most non-combustible roofing materials simply because it’s a metal.

Rust Resistant

Roofs made of aluminum are also extremely rust-resistant and are not subject to the same level of corrosion when compared to other roofing materials. In addition, most aluminum roofs are installed with an additional coating that protects them from rust. This means aluminum roofs do not typically look their age and can look extremely sleek and clean for years and years to come.

Muffled Rain Sounds

Call us nostalgic, but we love the sound of rain hitting an aluminum roof so much that we think this in itself is a huge advantage. There’s nothing we’d like to better fall asleep to than good ol’ natural rain. Odds are a lot of you have a fond childhood memory of hearing rain on an aluminum roof. What is it about humans and rain? If you’re worried about rain being too loud, know that modern aluminum roofing muffles most of the sound, and can be made to muffle it even further.

Long Life

Alright, we know we said durable and longer-lasting at the very beginning, but we want to drive home that aluminum roofing is worth the investment. Data shows these roofs can last 50+ years. Seeing as that’s more time than some homes and buildings last even standing in today’s world, we think that’s pretty impressive. If you’re going to pay for a roof, you might as well make sure it’s going to last for the long run. Aluminum roofs tend to be more expensive than other types of roofs, but the benefits outweigh the cost in our opinion.

Just Ask an Expert

If you’re a home or business owner in the DFW Metroplex and are interested in discussing whether aluminum roofing sheets are the right material for your project, just contact us. We’ve been in this business for over two decades, so don’t feel like you need to figure this out on your own. (We also restore historical metal roofing).

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