Galvalume Steel Roofing Fabrication and Installation in Dallas/Fort Worth

galvalume roof

Galvalume Steel Fabrication and Installation

Galvalume is a metal roofing steel coated with a metal alloy consisting of 45% zinc and 55% aluminum. The combination of zinc and aluminum enhances the positive and negative effects of aluminum. This process creates a corrosion and heat-resistant barrier. Galvalume will resist rust, elements, and fire while providing a sturdy and protective covering.

The aluminum provides corrosion protection, and zinc provides durability. This combination makes Galvalume a practical choice for a metal roofing system or panel. The metal coating protects the steel from rusting and perforating as well.

Galvalume has a matte finish, often lending itself for use on commercial, agricultural and residential projects. Some consider Galvalume industrial/modern or rustic in appearance, and it is often used in contemporary offices, condominiums and restaurants. 

Galvalume typically lasts much longer than galvanized steel. Galvalume often comes with a 25-year warranty; this cannot be provided with Galvanized steel.  

Advantages of Galvalume Steel

  • Galvalume steel is a low-maintenance metal known for high-performance durability.
  • Readily Available
  • Cost-Effective
  • Performs well in high temperatures
  • Performs well in moist marine environments
  • Insect (termite) resistant
  • Available in a wide variety of colors
  • Can be fabricated in a variety of styles
  • Fire-resistant – This could lead to lower insurance premiums. 
  • 35% Recyclable

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