ACM Wall Panels at Alpine Sheet Metal Systems

ACM wall panels, which refer to Aluminum Composite Material, are essentially a sandwiching of materials. The two outside sheets of metal are made of pre-painted aluminum sheets, and these two sheets are bonded to either side of a polyethylene core. ACM Wall Panels offer a wide range of benefits over other materials. If you decide this material may be right for your needs, don’t hesitate to give Alpine Sheet Metal Systems a call for more information. In the meantime, here is a little more information about this fabricated metal.

Architectural Metal Wall Panels

Benefits of ACM Wall Panels

There is a reason that you can find ACM wall panels anywhere from skyscrapers, to apartment buildings, to transit terminals. There are certain things that they offer that other materials can’t match. Aluminum Composite Material Wall Panels are just one of our metal fabrication specialties here at Alpine Sheet Metal Systems. Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy with our ACM panels :

Appearance – ACM wall panels can be made to look great, and they can be implemented either inside or outside of a structure depending on your design needs. 

Low Cost – While not the cheapest option, ACM wall panels are one of the more affordable choices. This is largely due to their ease of installation, which is another benefit when choosing ACM.

Durable – ACM wall panels are durable against many types of damage. Whether your wall panels are exposed to fire, rust, pests, or even impacts, ACM can offer real protection.

Noise Reduction – One great benefit of ACM wall panels is that they provide noise production for the building they are installed around. This can be great for both residential and commercial applications.

Why Choose Alpine Sheet Metal?

Here at Alpine Sheet Metal Systems, we have been in the metal fabrication industry for over 20 years. We bring that experience to bear when we design and create your architectural metal. We can create the exact design specifications to life and make your home upgrade dreams a reality.

Want to find out more about what ACM Wall Panels can do for your home? Give Alpine Sheet Metal Systems a call, and one of our friendly professionals will help you come up with the perfect design for your needs. Feel free to give us a call at your earliest convenience, and one of our knowledgeable team members will be happy to answer any questions you have. You can also reach out to us online here.